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OASvqhVdiV1       PVPYPBYO, 05:10 19-06-2014
Marvel chose for Ant Man & others to be Avenger, and Marvel’s csnhoiog Fury, Widow & Agent Coulson to be Avengers. As serialized stories, things have to change and evolve. Done right, it’s great for outsidemedia to define superheroes: for example, kryptonite. Created for a radio series then retroactively put in the comics.That's a great point, Chris, Marvel is capable of csnhoiog whatever heroes it wants to be Avengers, but that doesn't means they should. I can't help but to feel somewhat disrespected as a long time reader of the comics to have all my favorite characters swept under the carpet so that the major public can overwhelmingly act like the other members don't exist or matter, or even aknowledge the existence of the comic book counterparts of the people who DID make it into film Oh well, that's Hollywood.Don't want to turn the discussion away from these gorgeous redesigns, though. I usually come here for redesigns for the actual crime-fighting gear, but the creativity and tought put into this is just outstanding, good stuff.

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